Tax Increment Financing? Enterprise Zones? Financial Incentives? Let’s be honest, when it comes to opening a business, details matter. Scroll down to learn more about financial tools Olympia Fields offers to companies interested in either locating or expanding in the Village.
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Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

The Village has two active TIF Districts, and is studying an additional two Districts. A TIF District harnesses the power of future property tax revenue generated by new development or renovation to prepare property for development. TIF assistance is handled on a case-by-case basis, and is formalized in an agreement between the property owner and the Village. Typically, this agreement outlines the improvements to be made, what elements are eligible for TIF assistance, and sets-for a timeline for reimbursement of costs based on actual TIF revenue.

The most common items that may be funded through TIF include:
  • Land acquisition
  • Infrastructure improvements including turn lanes, signals, water/sewer lines, etc.
  • Site preparation, including demolition and environmental remediation
  • Renovation of existing buildings
  • Planning, architecture, engineering, and legal services
  • Marketing sites to prospective businesses
TIF Map:


TIF Data:
Start Date
Lincoln Hwy / Western Avenue TIF #1
Northwest corner of Lincoln Highway and Brentwood Drive
Lincoln Hwy / Western Avenue TIF #2
Northwest corner of Lincoln Highway and Western Avenue
Town Center TIF
Village Town Center area around the 211th Metra Station, extended west along Vollmer to include the Governor’s Office Park and south along Governors Highway to include the former Tolentine Center and part of Franciscan St. James Hospital
Estimated Feb, 2017
Lincoln Highway TIF #3
Southwest corner of Lincoln Highway and Western Avenue
Estimated Feb, 2017


Enterprise Zone

Commercial property within the Village was recently included in the new Lincoln & 394 Enterprise Zone. This zone was recently approved by the State of Illinois, and should be operational in early 2017. The most significant benefit of development within an Enterprise Zone is the waving of sales tax on construction materials. This cost savings applies to both new construction and renovation. However, it is not automatic – you must file a request prior to expending funds with the Zone Administrator: Moahn Rao at (708) 758-3330.


Cook County Programs

Cook County offers a number of programs designed to help reduce property taxes on vacant or partially vacant commercial property. Although a number of classifications are offered, the most relevant to projects in Olympia Fields would be Class 8, which requires support of the Village. With a Class 8 incentive, the assessed value of commercial property is reduced from 25% of market value to 10% of market value for 10 years, then gradually returning to the full assessed value in years 11 and 12).

  • More information
  • Questions regarding potential Village support for a Cook County property tax incentive should be directed to:

David A. Mekarski, AICP
Village Administrator, Olympia Fields
(708) 503-8000 x 3417
Email Dave

Utility Incentives

To encourage energy efficiency, ComEd offers a number of incentive programs including free on-site assessments, lighting, and HVAC systems.