Quick Statistics

Population: 5,045
Highly Educated: 46% Bachelors Degree or Higher
Rising Per Capita Income: $46,698 (2000) | $50,359 (2013)
Median Home Value: $223,577 (2013)

Olympia Fields is one of the most well-educated cities in the nation, 49.67% of adults in Olympia Fields have at least a bachelor’s degree. Compare that to the average community in America, which has just 21.84% with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The per capita income in Olympia Fields in 2010 was $48,526, which is wealthy relative to Illinois and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $194,104 for a family of four. Olympia Fields is a decidedly white-collar village, with fully 87.01% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, well above the national average. Overall, Olympia Fields is a village of professionals, managers and service providers; management occupations (14.95%), healthcare (14.39%) and office and administrative support (9.22%).



Source: Location Inc. | City-Data